Sunday, October 4, 2009

Knitty Gritty and Loopy action for

Today we had a fantastic and productive day making baskets. Old plastic bags, bread and fruit bags, newspaper and dry cleaning wrap, garbage bags, mattress bit of plastic was safe. Young and old, we wove, crocheted, knitted and plarned. There are 19 days to go until we exhibit our baskets at the Sydney Opera House for the international day of climate action.

There are 350 frisbees being thrown in Brisbane, 350 t-shirts being printed in Adelaide, scuba divers, surfers, skiers and lantern walkers all doing things to draw attention to the number that defines our future. 1,736 actions in 139 countries. For actions near you, have a look here. and to find out more about 350, have a look here

Come along to GreenUps on Tuesday night and join us in some live crafting action. Bring some old bags and needles. We have made 50 baskets ...300 to go.

We will also be making baskets together next Sunday and the following Sunday. Have a look here for details. You can also drop off your baskets to us on Tuesday night, Sunday or drop them into the Ivan Dougherty Gallery.

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